New enrollment (new students):

Step #1 - Click the "Get Information" button (above) and our Admissions Specialist will contact you to schedule a 1st interview & campus tour. Please be sure to bring the following required items to the interview:

  • Any evaluations/assessments performed by a licensed professional (if applicable).

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP - if applicable).

  • American with Disabilities Act (504 Plan - if applicable).

  • Latest report card.

  • Current transcript (high school applicants).

Step #2 - After completion of 1st interview prospective students entering grades K5 - 9th will be scheduled to receive a diagnostic placement test. The cost associated with this diagnostic placement test is $50.00.

Step #3 - After completion of diagnostic placement testing a 2nd interview will be scheduled with the Admissions Specialist to review your students' diagnostic testing results.

Step #4 - Once all 3 previous steps have been completed the following items are required to complete the enrollment process:

  • 2019 - 2020 Registration Packet

  • Copy of original birth certificate.

  • Current original Florida Certification of Immunization (DH 680 Form).

  • Current original State of Florida School Entry Health Exam (Physical exam) (DH 3040 Form).

  • Most recent standardized tests results (Stanford Achievement Tests, FCATS, etc.).

  • Withdrawal form from previous school.

  • Payment of any required fees.

Re-enrollment (returning students):

The following items are required for re-enrollment of current students into the following school year:

international Students (I-20):

Step #1 - Click the "Get Information" button (above) and our Admissions Specialist will contact you. Please be sure the following required items are turned in before issuance of I-20:

Step #2 - The following will take place:

  • International student visa will be issued.

  • Student housing will be coordinated with approved host family.

  • All international students will be required to pay any remaining balances in full prior to their arrival.

Step #3 - Students will be scheduled to complete a 1st interview, campus tour and English proficiency exam. Please be sure to bring the following required items to the interview:

Step #4 - Once all 3 previous steps have been completed International students will receive their class schedule, purchase uniforms and be ready to start school immediately on the following school day.